Do you remember the starving child on the street who was rescued by a white woman?, Look what he's transformed into now

Anja Ringgren Lovén is the creator of Land of Hope, a non-profit dedicated to saving the hundreds of children convicted of [email protected]

Lovén became known in 2016 when a photo from one of her rescue actions of witch children went viral in the picture, Anja squats in front of a small [email protected]€d and starved boy, who she gives water with her water bottle.

Hope was only two years old when he was accused of being a witch. Hope was condemned and left to starve to d€*th. Anja travelled all the way from the Netherlands to save Hope after hearing his story.

According to Anja, a widespread cultural idea that children can be witches who curs€ the families and villages into which they are born has arisen as a result of a lack of education and terrible poverty. Indeed, Africa has a long way to go.

Anja posted Hope's fresh photos to her Facebook page. What a difference a witch child has made. A young boy who was abandoned by his parents because they believed he was a witch has undergone a remarkable change. “He was severely underweight and suffering from a variety of illnesses."

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