Good Samaritan narrates experience with pregnant woman he offered a lift (DETAILS)

A Nigerian man has explained his experience of how he helped a pregnant woman whom he saw on the roadside, delivers her twin babies in his car.

While sharing his experience, the man known as Idris Yekini made known on how he got so scared after she began to scream so loudly and later delivers inside his car, her twins babies. 

He said,

"A woman gave birth to twins in my car. On my way to work this morning, I saw a pregnant woman standing by the road side.

From the look on her face, she was in severe pain (labour pain)

She must have spent some time at the junction waiting for taxi but it seems no taxi was willing to carry her in such condition.

While she was in pain, some other women were comforting her. The gathering of people caught my attention.

I drove past them. On a second thought, I reversed and offered to give her a lift to the hospital.

While driving her to the hospital, she was restless, shouting and uncomfortable. Honestly, I was scared. Wetin I go tell people if something goes wrong.

Her shouting became intense. Before you could say madam take it easy, she has given birth to a baby in my car and she kept saying it’s remaining another one.

Omo at this point I did not know if it is to park or proceed to the hospital. But I was d#ad.”

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