Beautiful Nollywood Stars That Lookalikes But Are Not Related In Any Ways

The world can be sometimes be mysterious in numerous way. Imagine having a look alike who has every bodily and facial features as you but not really in any way related to you. Well, this is the case of this two Nollywood actresses named Chizoba Nwokoye A.K.A Sharon Chizzy and Stephanie Ekwu.

Sharon Chizzy and Stephanje Ekwu respectively on the set Identical twins

Chizoba is a talented fast rising actress known for performing well in any role given to her. She raised from Anambra state where she was born on November 29. She joined the film Nollywood entertainment industry some years back and she's ranked among the fast rising celebrities in the country.

Chizoba Nwokoye photo on her Instagram account

On the other hand, Stephanie has been in the game since 2011 after starring in the film Forgive me father. She occasionally plays the role of being a tomboy, bad girl or a maid in most movies she casts in. Her years in the entertainment industry have given her great skills that have made her suit in all her roles perfectly. She ranked amongst the most popular after actresses from Nollywood. Some of her notable films include 10 years later and Royal start property.

Stephanie Ekwu photo on Instagram account

The two share a shocking resemblance that they have been confused for twins. The truth of the matter is that they are not even relatives in real life. One famous film they have starred in as twins is dubbed the Identical twins. It is from this film that many began making findings that they are related blood sisters. What is your take on this two gorgeous damsels?

Sharon and Stephanie on Identical twins film

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