22-year-old Lady Who Went Missing After Boarding A BRT Bus In Lagos, Reportedly Found D£ad

Miss Oluwabamise Ayanwole, the 22-year-old fashion designer who alledgly went missing a few days ago after boarding a BRT bus in Lekki, Lagos, has been found de£ad. According to reports which was made by The Nation, the police found her body at Ebute Ero, Lagos.

The Punch also reported that this was made known to its reporters by one of Bamise's family member.

The relative said that they were at the morgue to identify the body, and that they have verified that it is Bamise's body.

It was gathered that Bamise's body was dropped on Lagos Island by a BRT vehicle and a jeep.

A man whose identity was not disclosed had informed the police at Ebute Ero police station on Saturday evening after sighting the corpse by the roadside. And from there, the body was taken to the mortuary.

The relative said that autopsy will be carried out on the body to check if any part of her body is left out.

Bamise had alledgly boarded a BRT bus at Chevron bus stop going to Oshodi when she suddenly felt uncomfortable with the behaviour of the driver, and also for the fact that the driver was not picking other passengers on the road.

She later sent series of voice notes to her friend, and her friend advised her to go down from the vehicle. But since then, nothing was heard from her again.

The news of Bamise's departure is a very heartbreaking one, and has plunged many Netizens users into mourning.

We pray that may her soul rest in peace, and may God grant her family the heart to bear her painful departure.

We also hope that the police will find out the mystery behind her d£ath, and bring the people behind his d£ath for justice.

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