[WATCH VIDEO] No Need for Gas and Kerosene: 67-Year-Old Nigerian Man Invents Stove that Uses only Water to Cook

A 67-year-old Nigerian man has invented a water-cooking stove that doesn't require gas or kerosene to make fire The special stove combines water and air pressure to produce fire, an amazing concept he demonstrated in a video The electronics technician is seeking the support of relevant institutions to ensure the innovation is mass produced.

Amid rising worry in the increasing price of cooking gas, a talented Nigerian man based in Jekadafari area of Gombe State has came up with an alternative in a remarkable innovation he made - a water-cooking stove. 67-year-old Hadi Usman's water-cooking stove is said not to need the use of gas or kerosene in generating fire. It uses air and water pressure to generates it's fire. 

Why he invented a water-cooking stove PR Nigeria reports that the electronics technician's innovation was borne out of his desire to minimize the cost of using gas and kerosene.

A YouTube video shared by PR Nigeria reports media showed Hadi demonstrating how the water-cooking stove generates fire. The talented man who had in the past invented a radio transmitter as well as operated a community radio station wants relevant institutions to help him get his innovation recognized . 

He also wants partnership efforts to ensure it is mass produced. 

“I wish relevant institutions and bodies can support towards patenting the project for mass production to at least help the without buying kerosene or gas to cook their food by using water,” Hadi said. 

Watch the video below:

26-year-old Nigerian man invents a smokeless stove

Meanwhile, previously it was reported that a 26-year-old Nigerian man had invented a smokeless stove. According to Daily Times, the Nigerian inventor known as Chinnah, hopes that his amazing piece would contribute in the saving of lives around the world.

His company called Terraoak is going into producing the smokeless stove at a very large amount, adding that it is a move to ensure a cleaner environment and reduce the threat of global warming. It should be noted also that the young man's company is working on an arrangement in sharing of 1,000 stoves to rural Kenyan farmers.

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