[WATCH VIDEO]: Bride Price Paid For A Lady Goes Viral As Family Requests 2 Refrigerators, 25 Tubers of Yam, And Other Iterms

How much money is said to have been paid for a bride has shocked many people.

There are many people who are wondering if the items in the video were gifts or the bride price.

It was also quickly noticed that even though the bride was not smiling as she stood next to the items in the video.

There are a lot of people who are shocked by how many things are said to have been given to the parents of a beautiful woman as a bride price.

People said that they had given up on getting married if they had to give up things like that.

It also came with two refrigerators, yams in tubes, and a lot of other things!

In the video that has since gone viral, you can see two refrigerators and 25 tubers of yam. There are also many plates and coolers in the video, as well as many more items.

Watch the video below;

@jhud.zubez commented:

“For person wey go still give you problem? Lol.”

@claraebe_ observed:

“Why is the bride not happy abi the list never still complete.”

@nohpheesat reacted:

“If the bride deserve it, why won’t you pay it.”

@j.body_classic said:

“That’s not it ooo. I wish I can explain this very well in English. There’s something my people refer to as SENDING THE BRIDE HOME (something like that). Those items came from the Brides family as to what they’re using to settle their daughter to her husband’s home… In others words, it’s not from the man and not part of the pride price.”

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