Russia-Ukraine War: Two countries agree on peace talks

Russia-Ukraine War: The situation on the battlefield is changing unexpectedly day by day. As Putin prepares to bargain, he is making “nuclear missiles” a worldwide concern. The two countries have tried to hold peace talks over the Russian war on Ukraine. 

At the same time, Russian President Mr.Vladimir Putin issued key directives to his troops to be prepared for the use of nuclear weapons. Putin’s sensational decision was made because some countries were supplying arms to Ukraine and imposing economic sanctions towards their country. Putin furthermore is outraged by the US and some other countries’ decision to expel Russia from Swift, and the EU’s ban on flights to Russia. On the other hand, India has always focused on this. It is unknown at this time what he will do after ascending the post.

Russia has invited Ukraine to visit Belarus for peace talks, and has sent a delegation to Gomel. Ukrainian President Zhelensky said Belarus was not an acceptable place for them. Rabomani decided to be there for talks. Using Belarus to attack them, the Ukrainian president made a serious mistake in not coming to the peace talks there. Instead, they made known their readiness to hold talks at Istanbul, Baku, Budapest, Warsaw and Bratislava. The two countries eventually agreed to use Belarus as a venue for their peace talks.

Doubts have been expressed as to whether Russia is preparing to launch nuclear weapons in the wake of the Ukraine war. On Sunday, Putin ordered Russian nuclear forces to remain vigilant and ready to enter the field at any moment. In addition, experts are concerned that the blow by the Russian military to the gas pipeline in the city of Kharkiv will have a main impact on the environment. At the same time, Russia is strategically taking control of its ports. Two days later, Ukrainian forces also unknowingly resisted Russian forces. 

“The current war is a terrorist attack by the Russian government. We are working for peace and freedom,” he said. 

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Ukraine called on the International Court of Justice to put an end to Russia’s war.

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