Nigerian Woman Deported from UK after 25 Years Returns home to find out Her Tenant has Sold Her House, now Homeless

A woman who returned to Nigeria from the UK after being deported has been rendered homeless in her own country Florence Owanogo who spent 25 years abroad discovered that her tenant has sold her house located at 23, M Close, 5th Avenue, Festac in Lagos The distraught woman was said to have reported the case to the police but was detained for 3 months as she was connived against. 

5th Avenue by 51 road junction in Festac, Lagos has become the resting place of a 65-year-old woman since she became homeless. The Nigerian woman identified as Florence Owanogo was said to have been deported from the United Kingdom after 25 years and found upon her return that her house was no longer hers. 

This is as the woman's tenant sold off the property to someone else without her knowledge. 

She was detained for 3 months A Twitter user @Diixixme who shared the woman's predicament on social media said he had before now thought Florence was mentally deranged but summoned the courage to interact with her on the night of Wednesday, February 9

It was then she opened up to him. According to him, the 65-year-old woman said she had reported the issue to the police but was detained for 3 months after the case was compromised. Perhaps resigning to fate, she began sleeping by the roadside.

The embittered narrator frowned at the wickedness meted to the woman and called on well-meaning folks to fight for Florence. 

"She spent 25 years in UK struggling just imagine this kind of wickedness I said to her ma'am, all i can do for you is to take your case to social media we might find someone who is willing to help she said is alright & I asked for her permission to snap her she said is alright,'' he wrote. 

Outrage trails the post: 

@eduggar_ reacted: "Police.... Nigerian police force. Even she's not saying the whole truth, how can the police not seriously investigating something like this? "What's the actual purpose of establishing this institution and for paying them? "God forbid evil." 

@MalikHassan411 thought: "She must have trusted that particular tenant with her house documents for them to be able to even sell the property. She needs to give detailed information which can help in investigations to help lock up that evil tenant and also get her property back ." 

@JMBenjamins opined: "Nigerians can come up with a new documents for your home if u don’t go around it always, that’s why on most houses they write it boldly this house is not for sale..its fuc*ked up like."

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