Some Nollywood actors and actresses are lucky enough to have godparents who push them forward in sustaining their dreams in the entertainment industry.
The listed below actors were not just only blessed to have godparents, but they’re as well blessed to have famous godparents as their role model.

Table of Contents

#1. Destiny Etiko (Goddaughter Of Mercy Johnson)
#2. Princess Chidinma (Anita Joseph‘s Goddaughter)
#3. Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo (Godson Of Zubby Michael).

#1. Destiny Etiko (Goddaughter Of Mercy Johnson)

Well endowed and talented Nollywood filmmaker and actress, Destiny Etiko aka Drama Doll has Mercy Johnson as a godmother. Mercy Johnson has helped Destiny in some ways which lifted her up in Nollywood industry.

Inspite after Drama Doll has gained fame in Nigeria entertainment industry, she doesn’t stop being thankful to Mercy and she is so proud to have a role model like her.

#2. Princess Chidinma (Anita Joseph‘s Goddaughter)

Fast-rising actress and also a model, Princess Chidinma is also a goddaughter of the popular Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph Olagunju. Anita values Princess Salt in different ways including on Instagram where she helped her to promote her page and causes her in gaini

ng many followers to her account. Obviously, Chidinma is also showing appreciation to Anita by partaking in advertising her business both online and offline.

#3. Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo (Godson Of Zubby Michael)

Chikamso Ejiofor Ozonigbo is a fast-rising nollywood actor who is gaining many Nigerian's interest most especially because of his comical role in movies. He also has a godfather, Zubby Michael who assists him with his career, in the entertainment industry.

Rumors had it that Chikamso Ejiofor is a biological son of Zubby Michael because of their closeness relationship, but such rumors are fake. Chikamaso has been starred in countless of Zubby Michael movies which earned him more fortune and fame.

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