Little Girl Asks Mom's K!llers Why They Didn't Say They're Sorry: 'My Mommy Was the Love of My Life'

In honor of her mother, one courageous young girl chose to face the criminals who had snatched her mom away -- but what would be the outcome of this star witness statement? And would they apologize?

Dealing with d3ath at any age is a struggle, but even more so when you are a child, and if it's your mother who d!ed right in front of your very eyes.

In 2010, this ruthless murd3r was ex3cuted by Darnell Deshon Houston, Lamar McKnight, and Ezekiel Simon. They were eventually all arrested and charged.


The fatal incident in south Los Angeles was theorized by the police to have happened because these three individuals mistook Neveah Jackson's mom, 25-year-old Kashmier James, with a rival gang member.
Police tape in front of cr!me scene.


The girl was only three years old when she witnessed this horror. Although traumatized by the devastating incident, the then 8-year-old was the star witness in 2015. Speaking about the trial, the victim's mother, Kim Evans, expressed :

"The only thing I can pray to God is to continue to give me the strength to be able to deal with it."

Jackson took the stand while courageously directing her statement to the criminals, who had taken the l!fe of her mother.


She asked them why they hadn't apologized for what they had done to the victim. With her eyes lowered and using rapid speech, Jackson expressed :

"My mommy was the love of my life. I remember that night and it scares me ."

Jackson imparted universal wisdom, reminding them that they should love people and not murd3r them. She referred to them as ev!l and mean individuals.


Houston, the gunmän, was sentenced to l!fe imprisonment, and getaway driver McKnight received the same.

At the time, at 16 years old and therefore a juvenile, Simon was working with a plea agreement and would appear in court later.


As Jackson showed the world, it takes bravery to take the stand and face those who have murd3r3d or hurt one's loved ones in any way.

One shattered and heartbroken father, Van Terry, went through this ordeal as well, but in his case, and understandably so, lost his temper while looking into the eyes of evil -- the man who had taken his daughter away from him.

Already found guilty, the trial focused on whether Michael Madison should serve life or receive the d3ath penalty. Terry stepped up to give a victim impact statement following this official declaration.

During this statement, he looked into the eyes of the kîller and snapped , lunging at Madison, with bailiffs and court officials eventually pulling him off.

How do you think you would react if you had to come face to face with an individual who murd3r3d either your father, mother, sibling, cousin or anyone dear to your heart?

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