Lady who Went Abroad Returns Months Later to Discover One of her Kidneys Has Been Removed, Now on Wheelchair

Judith Nakintu left for Saudi Arabia in 2019, but months later, she lost contact with her family members who were later informed that she was engaged in an accident.

Nakintu returned home recently to the shock of her family members who were broken to see her in a wheelchair and struggling to talk because of she was halfway paralyzed.

They took her for a medical checkup after her arrival, and doctors found out that her right kidney had been missing.

A family in Uganda is reeling from shock after a medical examination on their daughter who returned from Saudi Arabia proofed that her right kidney had been pulled out.

Thirty-eight-year-old Judith Nakintu undergone a mysterious surgery while in Saudi and her employers only told her that she was injuried in an accident.

Judith Nakintu's kidney was missing without her consent while she was in Saudi.

A report by the BBC reveals that the mother of five returned home in a wheelchair and to the shock of her family members, she was also struggling to speak as she was partially paralysed.

Judith Nakintu to get N31.8m compensation after her kidney was removed mysteriously in Saudi Arabia

It is until her mother took her to the hospital for further examination, that doctors discovered the right kidney was missing.

Speaking to the press, police in Uganda said Nakintu's Saudi Arabian's employer had doctored the medical reports to show that all her internal organs were intact.

How did it happen?

The Ugandan woman does not remember how and when her organ was removed but all she could remember was that her Saudi boss escorted her to the hospital for what she had been told would be COVID-19 vaccination.

NTV Uganda reported that upon arrival to the hospital, she was unconscious and that must be when her kidney was pulled out without her knowing.

Her employers lied to her after she woke up from the surgery that she was engaged in an accident.

She noticed that she had strange scars on her body which she could not quite explain.

Nakintu arrived in Saudi Arabia in 2019 and a few months after she started working for her employers who has since been identified as Sadaffa Muhamed, since she lost touch with her family.

Investigations into incident.

The police in the Yoweri Museveni-led nation said they are waiting on the attorney general's guidance on whether there are sufficient grounds to charge the agency's directors of conniving with foreign nationals.

"With such medical evidence, which was sharply contradicting with what was presented as fake, it makes it easy for us to fast-track the process of prosecution,"

Charles Twine, the CID police spokesperson said adding investigations into the case were complete.

Mr Iken went straight on the floor and sat speechless, mumbling nothingness for some seconds in utter shock at what he just heard.

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