JUST Barely 2 Months After Marriage, Man K!lls His Wife – SEE Why

A man identified as Ifeanyi Victor reportedly strangles to d*ath his newly wedded wife of just 2 months, Evelyn Alifia on Feb 18th at their home in Lugbe, Abuja.

The couple started dating in 2021 and got engaged in August, just few months after.

In December 2021, they updated their Facebook friends that they are now married.

Her pastor, Apostle Sunday Wada made known that he advised Evelyn, a mother-of-one, to end the relationship but she didn't answer, but she chose to be with Ifeanyi.

Ifeanyi was jobless, so he moved in with Evelyn and alledgly began abusing her almost immediately after their marriage.

Evelyn was financially responsible for the family, yet she reportedly suffered abuse and was Ill treated by Ifeanyi, who threatened to k!ll her whenever he got provoked.

On Saturday, February 18, 2022, Evelyn found a gün in Ifeanyi's bag and began to make plans to move out of the house.

She called her sister and told her of her findings and her decision to inform the police.

Unfortunately, that evening, Ifeanyi reportedly strangl3d Evelyn and locked her body in their room before fleeing off.

He flee off with Evelyn's phone and ATM card and alledgly called Evelyn's family and informed them of their daughter's d3ath.

The police recovered Evelyn's decaying body on Monday, Feb. 21.

Ifeanyi was eventually captured on Thursday, Feb. 24, while making inquiries about traveling to South Africa.

A photo of him, taken just before he was apprehended, shows him laughing without full energy, inspite of taking his wife’s life, recently.

In a SIMILAR story, Paul Murage Njuki of Kathata village in Gichugu, Kirinyaga County in Kenya surrendered himself to the Kianyaga Police Station demanding to be arrested and locked for six months after he manslaught3red his wife and children.

The 35-year-old man strangl3s his wife and children to d3ath with an axe on Monday, November 29.

The victims have been identified as Millicent Muthoni, 38, Nelly Wawira, 13, Gifton Bundi aged seven, five-year-old Sheromit Wambui and Clifton Njuk, aged one.

Gichugu sub-county Police Commander, Anthony Mbogo said Njuki did not give a clear reason as to why he murd3red his family, however, according to the residents of the village, the man quarreled with his wife over lack of onion in the evening delicacy. The man wanted onions in food, but the wife insisted she did not have them.

Mbogo said that after Njuki slaught3red his family, he surrendered himself to the Kianyaga Police Station demanding to be arrested and locked for six months because he was selling bhang.

“I was shocked and ordered my officers to investigate him. He shocked my officers by telling them he had murd3red his wife and their four children.” Mbogo stated.

The suspect said that he started by k!ll!ng his wife using an axe before k!l!ng the children.

Furthermore, he rap3d his eldest daughter, Njuki before k!ll!ng her and later hid the k!ller axe along the river banks in his neighborhood.

“He hit them with a blunt object before cutting them. He led us to where he said he hid the axe but we did not find it because of the heavy rains. We are still doing more investigations,” Mbogo said.

The bodies were found in their beds, with multiple [email protected] wounds on their heads.

The suspect is actually being held at Kirinyaga police station while the five bodies were taken to Kerugoya hospital [email protected] awaiting a postmortem.

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