10 years of my life with Ned Nwoko has been my worse years ever – Ned Nwoko Former Wife, Laila Charani Stated

Miss Laila Charani former wife of Delta State Politician, Ned Nwoko during an Instagram live session, aired out some issues which she said went on while she was married to the Delta State Lawmaker.

According to her, she met no other wife living in her former husband’s house when she was married in as a virgin.

She said while in her matrimonial home, her former-husband refused her to do modelling which was her career before getting married.

She said since her ex got married to Regina, he started being very mean to her and her kids. And mentioned that there were times her husband would ignore her and her kids for days without any word but will be posting on social media as if they are loved.

She said all attention of her former-husband was fully for her rival and her children, and she and her kids only get shown love on social media.

She said it got to a time she couldn’t take it anymore so she had to go and find herself and work so she can secure a good future for her kids. She said since she left with her son, her former-husband has refused to take care of her daughter's. She also said someone has been threatening her daughter, Miya through social media. She said there is also another boy in the house whose mother had no choice than to come and leave him in the house because his dad, Ned refused to take care of him while he stayed with his mom.

She also mentioned that she knows who is behind the threats to her daughter’s life because that person does not want her daughter to be in the house.

She also stated; 

“how does a person come on social media to flaunt billionaire status when his kids and people in his house are not feeding well”.

She also mentioned that she wished Ned well because at the end of the day, he is the father of her kids but the 10yrs with her former-husband has been the worse years of her life. She appeared very emotional during her live video on Instagram.

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