[WATCH VIDEO] “I didn’t say those things, the videos were edited” – Mummy G.O denies preaching in viral sermon video

The Nigerian female evangelist whose preaching in her church services went viral on the internet, has reacted that most of the videos were not real.

According to Evangelist Olufunmilayo Adebayo who is generally referred to as Mummy G.O on the internet, said the videos of her making controversial words during her preaching, were edited videos and not real.

She recently sat with BBC News Pidgin where she talked about the controversy surrounding her, her mandate and all. According to her, most of the videos of her saying ridiculous things were edited from time to time, and not real.

She says even if the devil himself was invited to preach the gospel, he wouldn’t say such things… let alone a Holy preacher like herself.

Watch her video interview with BBC below;

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