[Watch Video]: “All I ever said were lies from the pit of hell, I’m sorry, please forgive me”, Mummy G.O begs over her misleading trending prophecies

A trending evangelist has offered a public apology to all her members over the controversial prophecies she made, claiming to have died and resurrected in heaven and hell.

It will be recalled that the trending evangelist made a video to warn the world against coming doom that would befall on them if they don’t repent.

She however, backed it up by sharing a portion of her prophecies on how she died and resurrected in heaven and hell.

On the long run, same evangelist is coming out to confirm to members that all she said were all lies.

She said:

“I told the church of Christ that I  died and went to heaven and hell, and that I saw our lord Jesus Christ, Abraham, Mary the mother of Jesus Christ

“I also said that I went to hell and I saw the devil and people being tortured

“I’m here to let you all know that It was a lie from the pit of hell.“I’m sorry, please forgive me”.

See Video below;

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