[WATCH VIDEO] 3 Miscarriages but I Held On to God: AY’s Wife Mabel Shares Emotional Video, Reveals Journey to Having Her 2nd Kid

Comedian AY and his beautiful wife, Mabel finally welcomed their second child, Ayomide after 13 years Mabel off recent decided to share her story to motivate someone who might be going through the same pain, The mum of two expressed that she lost babies without medical explanation and she almost lost Ayomide but only fought harder.

To the joy of many, popular comedian AY welcomed his second child earlier this month with his georgeous wife, Mabel after thirteen years. Mabel has revealed that it was not an easy walk in the park and she shared an emotional post expressing her life threatening journey.

I have to encourage someone out there The mum of two made known that she had lost three babies before Ayomide and even though the pregnancy almost went the same way, she wasn't discouraged and held on tightly to God.

"Three miscarriages with no medical explanations as to the reasons why. It was the same pattern as before,every single thing that happened with the others,happened again,only this time more but I was determined to hold on tight to God and not fail.

"Mabel also listed the life threatening moments ad how she struggled not to heap the blame of the miscarriages on herself. The video also took fans on the journey to having her beautiful baby. Mabel ended the post with a heartfelt appreciation to those who went on the journey with them as well as showered them with love. 

"An*al bl*eding,threatened miscarriage,difficulty in breathing,I wasn’t psychologically and mentally stable and that,was the hardest part for me,my emotions were all over the place,taking a deep breath in and out to stop myself every time I felt the urge to just break down and cry,struggling within not to blame myself for not protecting and fighting for the survival of the babies I lost. placenta separation,weak uterus".

Watch her video on Instagram below:


"Who would’ve known! How would they know!" 


"Awesome God ❤️❤️❤️ congratulations once again mama ❤️❤️" 


"THANK YOU JESUS! Who is like unto you! Way maker! Miracle worker! Promise keeper! You have done what no man could do! The greatest physician! We worship you our King ❤️❤️❤️" 


"Bless you sweetheart. Thanks for having the courage to share with us. Ayomide is here to stay. She’s a star girl already. Congratulations to you & your family @realmabelmakun God above all." 

Meanwhile AY eases into daddy duties for the second time.

Richard Ayo Makun, generally known as AY joyed in the euphoria of being a new daddy and several Nigerians had partaked in his joy. Following the joyful announcement, the actor took to his Instagram page with a video as proof that he does everything in the house. 

AY who had just served his wife breakfast in bed cleaned up the plates and show off that he has been the one doing the cooking, changing diapers, as well as holding the baby while his wife still sleeping.

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