The First 10 countries to celebrate new year '2022'

New Year's Eve fireworks light up the sky over Sydney's iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House (L) during the fireworks show on January 1, 2022.

As Nigerians await the celebration of a New Year, some countries around the world have already entered 2022.

The different time zones on all parts of the globe means that some countries around the world will enter into a new year few hours before other countries.

While some might thought countries like New Zealand and Australia would be the first to celebrate a New Year, but some smaller island nations are really the first to enter a New Year.

Here is a few list of some countries that welcomes 2022 before the rest of the world and the time approximate in Nigeria;

Christmas Island.

At 11:am Nigerian time, Christmas Island, some parts of the Republic of Kiribati, is the 1st smaller island to enter into 2022 before any other parts of the country.

New Zealand.

While still at 12 noon in Nigeria time, New Zealand would already be in the year 2022 with jubilations.


Samoa is also a smaller island nation that welcomes a New Year at the exact time as New Zealand since they are sharing thesame time zone.


Tonga, a Polynesian kingdom that contains of more than 170 South Pacific islands, seen as white beaches and coral reefs and surrounded with tropical rainforest, also entered into 2022 at the exact time as Samoa and New Zealand.


One of the most sought after island nations in the South Pacific, Fiji welcomes a New Year at exactly 1:pm Nigerian time.


The hugeness of the Russian Federation makes a part of it in a New Year before the rests of the countries. Russia’s Far East entered a New Year exactly thesame time as Fiji.


In Between 1:30 pm and 2:pm Nigerian time, some places like New South Wales, Lord Howe Island, and the eastern regions of Australia would have been celebrating a New Year already.

Papua New Guinea.

At 2:pm in  Nigeria time, in the southwestern Pacific, Papua New Guinea had already celebrated a New Year.

Guam (US).

Before any part of the mainland of the United States of America looks a New Year, Guam celebrated thesame as the Papua New Guinea. Guam is a US smaller island region in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific area.

North Korea, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea
When it is exactly 4:pm in Nigeria, countries in Oceania and East Asia such as North Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea welcomes a New Year.

I wishes you a year filled with God’s blessings Happy New Year 2022..
I also wishes you all round success this year. I desire that you will see joy and succeed in all walks of your life. Happy New Year 2022..

You qualify for all the best things in the world. May all you wish for come to pass in 2022. Happy New Year to you.
Enjoy this remarkable moment of the year with those you cherish, and may the Lord surprise you all with a blessed and healthy year ahead. Happy New Year..

Happy New Year '2022'
Wish you all acquire the success in this year. Hope that success and joy accompany you in every area of your life. Happy New Year 2022!
Cheers to happiness, health, and prosperity in 2022..
I said this 365 days past, and now am repeating it again! Happy New Year!
May these new year brings you joy, peace, and happiness.
May these new year blesses you with wealth, good health and happiness.

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