So Many Girls Were Tied up There: Nigerian Lady Shares How Her Niece Escapes Being Used for Rituals by Her Fiance

A Nigerian lady has thanked God for saving the life of her niece from being dead for ritual purpose by her fiance on Christmas Day.
Chinwe Lilian Okafor explained that her niece's fiance had picked her up on December 25, 2021 with the sense of going to see his parents.

Along the way, he diverted to a narrow silent route, receiving strange calls and did the unexpected when the lady noticed his true intent.

A Nigerian lady, Chinwe Lilian Okafor, had give an advice,  that people should carry out due diligence on their partners before saying I do.

The lady gave the warning as she shared how her niece escaped being used for ritual purpose by her fiance on Christmas Day.

The fiance had taken her niece out on the sense of going to see his parents.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, January 6, 2021, Chinwe declared that her niece's fiance had picked her up on December 25, 2021 to go see his parents in the village.

While the journey was still progressing, he suddenly took another route she mentioned as ''narrow and lonely.''

It was when there journey on the narrow way route lasted for some hours that her niece started showing worries but he calmed her saying that his parents are not at home yet and wanted them to go see some of his friends.

Chinwe said the fiance stopped to answer strange calls. Her niece upon eavesdropping on his phone  conversation thought of escaping but was caught by the young man.

''They got to a point, he stopped and started making some funny calls.. My niece over heard his conversation and tried to escape, he caught her, seized her phone and handbag then locked her inside the vehicle until they got to a shrine.''

On getting to the shrine, Chinwe said her niece saw other girls that were tied up. She was luckily not tied up.

She took her chances when her niece and some other men at the shrine stepped out to have a conversation and escaped through a thick forest.

Chinwe added that her niece is yet to recover from the shock she passed through by the reason of the scary experience.

Mixed reactions trail the story

Chinonso Benson remarked:

"Fiance???!!! What a wawuu! Thank God for saving her. It's only those that are alive that will tell the real story.
"I'm still shocked sef"
Nnabuenyi Obiora Maduekwe wrote:

"My dear, you didn't tell us that report has been made to the police to rescue other girls tied there and also arrest the fiance so called"

Michael C Samuel stated:

"Thanks be to God.

"The kind of things that are happening now is still keeping me in shock.
"The quest of money in this era from youths of these days is getting out of hand."
Amaka Onyeka opined:

"She should relocate from that state they are to another since the guy has known she knows wat he knows to avoid another set up."

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