Wizkid's Net Worth 2021

What is Wizkid’s net worth?

Net Worth: $30 Million
Born: July 16, 1990
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Age: 30
Source of Wealth: Professional Singer
Last Updated: 2021


From the beginning of year 2021, WizKid’s net worth is around $30 million. 

WizKid is a popular Born Nigerian singer and songwriter.

In 2009, he signed a record deal with Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E). He became popular in 2010 with the release of his first song ‘Holla at Your Boy’ from his first studio album, Superstar (2011).

His Early Life 
Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun was given birth to on the 16th of July, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria.

His family resides in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria. While his dad is a devoted Muslim, his mother is a Christian which belongs to a Pentecostal category.

He completed his basic and secondary school education in Surulere. He was having interest in music from his early life but his family did not agree with him to chase music as a life career.

Wizkid's Career

According to Wizkid, his music career starts from the day he joined his church choir. Singers like Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, 2 Face Idibia, King Sunny Ade and Sound Sultan were his early life inspirations and motivated him to become a musician.

From year 2001 till 2006, he sings as a solo artist with his stage name ‘Lil Prinz.’ He organized a band called ‘Glorious Five’ with his fellow mate from the church choir. They sustained to release one studio album before separation.

He met record producer OJB Jezreel during his striving days and he turned his mentor. He also became a regular visitor at Jezreel’s studio, learning and watching from the performance by artists like Sound Sultan and 2 Face Idibia. 

After he dropped out from university in 2009, he signed a record deal with Empire Mates Entertainment (EME). In same year, he began to record for his first studio album with his stage name ‘Wizkid,’ which was titled ‘Superstar.’ 

On March 5, 2013, he made known his decision to set up his own record label, ‘Star Boy Entertainment.’ In the same year, he signed a contract deals with mobile networks like, Glo, MTN and Guinness PLC. 

The song crowned the charts in 15 countries making him Nigeria’s most accomplished pop artist. In 2016, he dropped the single ‘Like This’ on Drake’s OVO Radio. 

As from 2021, WizKid’s net worth is $30 million. 

How Does Wizkid use His Money?
The total amount of money that Wizkid obtained comes from various different endorsement deals.

All through his career, he has hold on to various big endorsement deal with some large companies, like Guinness, Pepsi, Glo and MTN.

He is the representative of Ciroc Premium Vodka and he has also worked with popular company 'Nike' alot of times.

When it comes to his using money, he has various big houses in Nigeria and in the US. His Surulere mansion is alledgly to be worth over $36,140, while his mansion in Lekki is worth over $189,040.

He is also a big fan of expensive cars, which he loves acquiring for himself. His designer clothes and accessories are also worth millions. He’s also a big fan of D&G and Gucci. Wizkid also owns a diamond wristwatch worth over $1.2 million.

Here are some of the best point of view of WizKid’s career: 
Ayo (Album, 2014) 
Caro (Song, 2014)
Fake Love (Song, 2018) 
Manya (Song, 2017) 

Check out some lovely Quotes from WizKid Below;

“Lagos style is fresh and different. Even with the tailors, they get very innovative with their stuff, with the cuts. When my parents used to make the traditional wares, it was a little bit baggy. But now the tailors are able to infuse the European style, making it slim-fit. Lagos style is different, man. Innovative.” – WizKid 

“I didn’t have accessories when I started my career. Did you see me wearing bling-bling when I did ‘Hola at Your Boi?’ No! I hustled to get money to buy them, and there is no crime if I show it or flaunt it to my fans because they gave me money to buy them.” – WizKid 

“Umm… my favorite Wizkid tune of all time would be ‘Don’t Dull’ ‘cos I recorded the track in, like, 5 minutes. The beat was ready, we went into the studio and freestyled, and it was ready. The song became really, really big, so I think ‘Don’t Dull’ is still my favorite.” – WizKid 

“We still have a lot of work to do as African artists to get more recognition in the U.K. and the U.S., but right now, definitely, we’re getting the recognition. The thing is we have to earn it. Keep working. Stay working.” – WizKid   

“If you’re coming to do an interview with me, you should know about me. It’s not that it’s ‘cos I’m Wizkid; I’d even hate it if you were coming to interview my friend and asked him the same question. You’re here for an interview, so you should know who you’re doing the interview with.” – WizKid 

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