Jowizaza's Networth and full Biography 2021

Joseph Eze Okafor Jnr, generally known as Jowizaza is a young Nigerian businessman and an entrepreneur born on March 1985.

Jowizaza is currently one of the wealthiest and most influential young billionaires in Nigeria, with an approximate net worth of over $100 Million dollars as of the time of this post. He is the chairman of Jezco Oil and Gas which was set up by his father, Boss Sir Joseph Ezeokafor.

Jowi Zaza is the chief executive officer of Jezco Oil Nigeria, he was Born into a rich family, A native of Ekwulobia, Anambra state, Jowi Zaza was born into the family of Joseph Ezeokafor (Snr.). He grew up in the
southern east of Nigeria, mainly in Anambra and Enugu state.

Jowi Zaza's Profile.

Real Name: Joseph EzeOkafor Jr.
Name: Jowi Zaza
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Age/Date of Birth: 19th March, 1985 (36 years in 2021)
Father: Joseph EzeOkafor Snr.
State of Origin: Anambra, Nigeria
Net Worth: $100 million

Jowizaza, a business tycoon is the chief executive officer of Jezco Oil Nigeria Ltd, a multi-million dollar oil and gas company organized by his father in 1980. After 8 years of it being organized, the company became a fully licensed oil service company and also a reliable marketer of petroleum products in 1988.

He attended school in Nigeria, United States and in London, After his secondary school education at Sacred Heart Seminary School Nsude, Enugu state, Jowi Zaza obtained admission into Madonna University, Okija, where he gained his degree, He afterwards left for United Kingdom, London, to acquire his post-graduate degree from Coventry University United Kingdom, London. The young man also have in possession a post-graduate business degree from the Kelce College of Business in Pittsburg, United States,
which he obtained in 2013.

He likes fast cars

The billionaire businessman is extremely crazy about flashy, exotic and supercars. Jowi Zaza’s cars are approximate to be worth over millions of dollars. Some of the cars you will see in his garage includes; Mercedes Benz 4matic, Bentley, Continental Gt estimated over N78 million, Mercedes Benz 4matic worth N15 million, Rolls Royce Phantom, and Brabus Gwagon.

Jowizaza And The Society

Probably one of the wealthiest and most majorly. youthful men in Nigeria will be incomplete if Jowizaza is not mentioned among them generally. Jowizaza is actually the most youthful Mogul, and he’s well regarded for making every moment of his life meaningful. He has influence across the country owing to his regular visits to countries like turkey, London, the caribbean, New York, and the Al Jumeirah in UAE, amongst others. He's currently living in Luxury. Jowizaza is a popular Nigerian public figure who is well known with most Nigerian VIPs. Jowizaza is regarded to in the music industry, and the way in which most handicraftsmen hails him might bring about he is a Yahoo boy, yet this isn’t the matter.

He's in addition known for his accurate desire for fashion brands like Dolce and Gabanna, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Gucci, and many others. The coolest blessings comes that you are as of now a Mogul in your early 30s and you see you’ve made it when popular people reach out to you and you are not even in media commerce. This is the issue with Joseph Ezeokafor, a young youth and well relaxed born Nigerian man, extremely wealthy and also the beneficiary to a billion dollar oil company inherited from his father. He gets himself connected with people like, Obicubana, E-Money, and Cubana Chief Priest amongst other.

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